Our Platform (old)

The CPDone platform facilitates policy dissemination, comprehension testing, ongoing professional training & development solutions that have been optimized for the mobile enterprise. It’s unique dashboard design provides significant reporting, allowing managers to view historical data and forecast potential issues before they arise.


CPDone is designed to work across a global workforce, empowering you to connect various aspects of different compliance initiatives for an unparalleled insight. Our powerful dashboard provides board to front line visibility on policy & professional development initiatives. A comprehensive and constantly updated view of weaknesses and program status.


CPDone is available anywhere on any device making it easy to distribute, document and track policies, procedures and courses. This enables the entire organisation to start, continue and complete all compliance activities anywhere, anytime.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to compliance. We understand your organisation is unique. That is why CPDone compliance platform integrates seamlessly with most compliance management systems that are in the market. CPDone brings out the best out of your existing software by bringing them together to bridge the gaps of other enterprise solutions


The effect of your message is directly linked to how much attention your target audience is giving you. CPDone is committed to using quality learning materials in a range of formats to increase staff engagement and commitment over time. Choose from videos, audio podcasts and quality eLearning courses to suit a broad range of learning styles, interests and time commitments. Engage your teams and ensure that the right message is delivered.


CPDone is a centralised solution that facilitates delivery of quality content and consistent messaging from board to front line — we help you rise above issues with targeted messaging to your employees.


Minimise risk by means of a macro view of compliance throughout the entire organization both globally and locally. Arrest compliance weak links on the onset.
Effectively drive compliance via an innovative compliance goals concept. Establish the compliance objective, set risk tolerance and create notification group.
Reduce cost via automation.
Engage employees and Third parties with an un pararelled platform able to host multi-media training and content from both internal and external authors.
We are a proud partner of Thomson Reuters