Our Platform

CPDone - Cloud Based Compliance Management Software

CPDone is a Cloud Based Compliance Software which helps enterprises create a compliance-based structure through

  • Policy dissemination and comprehension testing
  • Ongoing professional training and development solutions for the mobile enterprise.
  • Powerful reporting & dashboarding allowing managers to view historical data and forecast potential issues before they arise.

CPDone gives you the ability to see these looming issues before you have to make these decisions. CPDone's online platform allows organisations to drive, manage and monitor compliance via policies and ongoing training activities within their business and to third parties. Many organisations struggle to drive compliance objectives through the enterprise. Disparate locations, business units and company structures all contribute to the difficulty of gaining both traction and visibility of compliance within the enterprise. Further compounding the issue is the dynamic ever-changing regulatory environment.

How do we enable a culture of compliance?

  1. The right platform & importantly, the right strategy – giving visibility and accountability across systems
  2. Partners for managing regulatory change – i.e. solving the content problem.
  3. Rapid development tool and mobile platform – i.e. solving the employee and 3rd party engagement issue.

Accurate and reliable compliance progress tracking for internal and external activities

CPDone tracks personal and annually recurring business goals. (i.e. Renewal of: Licenses, Certificates, Permits, Continuous Professional Development requirements).CPDone allows businesses to monitor important / business critical requirements accurately and consistently.CPDone will record, measure and keep you and your teams updated on the deadlines of business critical requirements.This enables your teams and business to focus on other aspects of the business with the security of not having to worry about recording their business goal activities

Local and global visibility to all the organization’s members

CPDone reports progress on the business' compliance goals. CPDone's board to front line visibility gives you up to the minute status of specific individuals or groups within the organization.In an instant CPDone makes sense of all the activity that is happening both locally and globally. It then uses visual alert icons so that you can have a clear and understandable picture of what is really going on in regards to your organization’s compliance.

Quality Content that is constantly updated to meet ever changing compliance requirements.

Content is king with CPDone. CPDone together with our content partners provide relevant quality content that is continuously being updated to meet changing regulatory standards. Teams can access content collections online through existing platforms and mobile devices.Enabling businesses to educate their staff i.e. ensuring they have the required knowledge & understanding for all regulatory & compliance obligations they have. Not just at a single point in time but ongoing as these things change.


Minimise risk by means of a macro view of compliance throughout the entire organization both globally and locally. Arrest compliance weak links on the onset.
Effectively drive compliance via an innovative compliance goals concept. Establish the compliance objective, set risk tolerance and create notification group.
Reduce cost via automation.
Engage employees and Third parties with an un pararelled platform able to host multi-media training and content from both internal and external authors.
We are a proud partner of Thomson Reuters